Discover naturopathy and the power of adaptogens!

Hormones play a major role in all aspects of our health. How we sleep, our moods, metabolising food and of course the regulation of our reproductive systems and sexual function. Imbalanced hormones can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms such as mood swings, painful periods and low or diminished libido. This is why listening to our bodies and learning what regulates or imbalances our hormones is essential to our health and wellbeing.

Lack of sex drive can be very frustrating and make women question their relationships as well as themselves. But it is…

Rebecca Warren, a registered nutritional therapist explains the relationship between hormones, stress and sexual desire.

For centuries, alchemists have searched for the ultimate sexual elixir, but the search has become more desperate and, for some, a necessity. It is not, however, a simple matter of taking a magic potion. There are insidious things going on in our lifestyles and environment that are undermining our desire to do it.

Of course, past experiences, lack of communication, insecurity and other emotional triggers can interfere with the ability to want sex and get aroused. But those aside, after the initial flush of excitement…

Tips and insights from a female embodiment coach

We often talk about the benefits of pleasure and orgasm through masturbation. Recently we learnt of another type of self-touch that has very similar benefits and could be a great way to connect with our bodies. Female embodiment coach, Hilary Kimball talks us through getting to grips with our breasts (p.s it could also increase sexual pleasure!).

Physical health

Hilary shared that massage is super healthy for the breast and breast tissues as it promotes detoxification. The breasts are very sensitive parts of the female body and can store a lot of toxins from…

How a 27 year-old woman got a public administration to admit the health benefits of sexual wellness.

As a leading sexual wellness brand for women we face a lot of censorship online. From shadow bans, blocking paid posts and altogether shutting down of our accounts.

Occurrences that just do not happen for male sexuality brands.

It is widely known that social media algorithms are sexist. But as online opposition wanes the more it is brought into public consciousness; censorship and confusion on the topic of female sexuality persists in real life.

Most recently Smile Makers products were found in question in Taiwan; a country who has, in many ways, given more “progressive” Western countries something to aspire…

Finding it hard to reach an orgasm with a partner, especially in the context of intercourse (thus, with a penetrative partner), is very frequent among vulva-owners. We asked a sexologist her advice on this often asked question

Partner sex is a moment of communion, where desire, emotions and, in some cases feelings, are shared. But unfortunately, pleasure isn’t always shared.

Pleasure During Partner Sex vs Solo Sex

While many of us do not have difficulty reaching orgasm when we are masturbating, orgasms seem harder to come by during partner sex. Not everyone dares to talk about it, and that’s where the discomfort sometimes settles: some end up…

We all love to have things that are hard to come by. Take the cervical orgasm for example. It has a reputation for being the most “full-bodied orgasm ever”. Yet, the position of the cervix makes it almost out of reach, possibly making it somewhat more tantalising? Moreover, pressure on the cervix can be felt as painful.

We’ve decided to take a closer look and ask a doctor for clarification to get our facts straight.

What Is The Cervix?

We spoke to Medical Doctor specialised in sexual health, Dr Jessherin Sidhu, who compared the cervix to “a conduit” as this 3–4 cm organ’s main…

A sexologist talks about navigating desire fluctuations in long-term relationships

At the beginning of a relationship, everything is exciting. We discover each other’s body, one touch at a time, and desire for our partner builds up. With the novelty of the relationship and the discovery of new sensations, a new sexual choreography blooms. Then, very often, as the relationship matures, desire wanes to some extent, and the frequency of sexual intercourse decreases.

Sometimes, there is a gap between how the partners experience that change: one partner continues to feel desire, while the other does not. Sex then becomes a source of disconnect in the relationship, possibly leading to conflictual situations…

A doctor’s in-depth explanation

Have you ever struggled to orgasm?

Maybe sex is painful for you.

Or maybe you used to have a high libido and now you barely want to have sex with your partner and you don’t know what has gone wrong?

Are you starting to wonder whether there is something wrong with you?

Before we go any further, I must let you know that you that you are not alone!

Studies have found that up to 43% of women have complaints relating to their sexual functioning during their lifetime.

Tips of Real Women From Our Community!

We asked our community about period sex and overall we heard a resounding amalgamation of “heck yes!” “yes please!” and “of course!”

However, a few of you weren’t so keen and the number one reason was “the mess”.

In favour of period sex, we have listed a few reasons why this is, in fact, a great time of the month to get busy. Plus we have some tips from the Smile Makers community below to help you get over any reservations you may have.

More in the mood?

62% of women agree that they generally feel hornier…

Why The Right Groove Puts You in The Right Mood

Indeed, just like an orgasm, from managing pain, improving a better nights sleep and inducing a variety of moods, music has a very powerful effect on human behaviour.

It’s not all emotional though, music buffs we have great news — music is proven to have a positive effect on your sexual experiences.

It’s basically cardio, right?

Many studies have linked better performance during a workout with listening to music. Depending on the position, women burn around 3.1 calories per minute during sex so we’re considering that a light workout, at least.

“These studies suggest…

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